Bronze Gorgons

The Bronze Gorgons and the Cloaked Guard have controlled the Drylands for the last twenty years. After the worldwound incident these two clans have been battleing elves for control of the territory. Diplomatic relations have failed. There is simply not enough food.

Hamlet: Pop. 164+-
Government: Autocracy
Leader: Lord Feyd the Ruthless

Imports: Water, Lumber, Stone.
Exports: Bronze, Labor, Mercinary’s, Fruits, Leeks

Slag: Lord Feyd

Notable Sub Groups:
Shield Bearers
Hound Hunters

Notable Persons:

Captian Nathaniel Gabron (Soldier-Champion)
Dunkan Durstead (Smith, Alchemist)
Cobs (Scout, Pathfinder, Hunter)

Bronze Gorgons

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